500 FairTrade towns in the UK – Celebratory Bike Ride!


“Garstang should be proud that they started this incredibly successful, internationally recognised movement”.

These were the words of Ruth Bruce, Chairwoman of Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group, on being told of the planned event. Garstang as the first Fairtrade Town in the World was a town not to be missed on the route. The cycling Fairtrade supporters from Kendal will arrive in Garstang on Wednesday afternoon, October 27th; their destination the Discovery Centre (to be greeted by Garstang Fairtrade supporters and members of the Town Council) Fairtrade representatives from Garstang Cycling Club, Pip Riley and Phil Durrigan will continue the ride on Thursday morning, leaving Garstang at 8.30 am for Chester.

The ride will start in Aberfeldy, the joint first Scottish Fairtrade Town, calling at Kendal Cumbria’s first Fairtrade Town) before reaching Garstang en route to the (world’s first Fairtrade City), Chester and finally Cardiff (world’s first capital city) . A commemorative parchment will be signed by all the participating cyclists at each stage.

For further information on Garstang Fairtrade Steering Group, please contact: Ruth Bruce email: brucemr@btinternet.com tel: 01995 602784.