Are the bluebells too early for Garstang Walking Festival?

Hopefully not! Here is some up to date news from “Pat’s Blog”

Garstang Walking Festival 11 – 20 May 2012

Shock and horror in March the un-seasonally hot weather has triggered off the Bluebells to start flowering, when really they should be at their best in May – hence why we choose the 2nd week in May for our Walking Festival.

Well – fear not all you Bluebell lovers – the unseasonably low temperatures and frosty nights of mid-April are holding the flowering back – so all should be well!

Bluebells are one of the magnets that draw people to the Wyre area during the festival. As we know- the weather plays a big part in outdoor events and happenings.

This weekend doing a recce for a fell walk in Wyresdale, a local farmer told us that the Wheatears had arrived in the top field. It’s a bird of the Thrush family with a striking white rump, dove grey back and black cheeks and wings. He said – they are 2 weeks later than last year and 3 weeks later than the year before. Their arrival has been held up by strong northerly winds on their flight from North Africa. Swallows too are late arriving for the same reason. It`s good to be reminded that we can`t dictate to the elements or rule the weather. We can say though that the Garstang Walking Festival will start on the 11 May, but we could do without a strong northerly wind!

See you out and about.

Pat Ascroft

Volunteer Countryside Ranger