Are you, or someone you know suffering from cancer?


Cancer Help has been in Preston at Vine House for over 20 years and is now well established here on Croston Road in Garstang, but just how much do you know about Croston House and how supportive it can be for you, or someone you know who may need some extra help during a very difficult time?

If you are affected in any way by cancer then Cancer Help at Croston House is there for you.

Through the door of Croston House you will find the caring support you need whether it be just a sympathetic ear, relaxing groups and hobbies or help from counsellors who are trained to cover all aspects of your concerns. Or even if you just want a cup of tea!!

Croston House is close to the A6 junction on Croston Road with plenty of car parking spaces to the rear. You are always welcome to call, without appointment, for a confidential chat or if you prefer just telephone – 01995 606469 between 9.0 to 5.0 p.m Monday to Friday.