Flowering Sprint Plants – Prizewinners

A HOST of golden daffodils, as well as other flowering spring plants, were on display at the March 2015 meeting of Garstang and District Gardening Club.
Every autumm the club gives three daffodil bulbs to its members who then grow them up to display in a daff contest at the March meeting’s spring show.
This year members exhibited their potted daffs which were on display alongside other attractive floral exhibits. Prizes were presented by club president Ben Andrews.
Around 100 people attended the show which was preceded by the gardening club’s annual meeting.
Chairman Ray Pearson reported a successful year with popular lectures, visits and the holding of the 2014 spring and summer shows.
Details of the 2015 garden visits were announced, including gardens in Goosnargh, Cheshire and the Lake District.
Tributes were paid to retiring secretary Susan McDade.
Officials elected were: chairman Ray Pearson; vice-chairman Hilary Hine; treasurer, Jennifer Wescott; programme secretary, Ruth Cowell; shows organiser, June Gornall; publicity officer, Anthony Coppin. Committee: Roger Broadbelt, Nancy Cowell, Bob Sutcliffe, Andrew Thompson, Ian Budgen and Elizabeth Bertenshaw.

Show winners:
Class 1: 3 daffodils in a pot: 1 Haydn Evans, 2 June Jenkinson, 3 Ben Andrews
Class 2: Miniature daffodils in a pot 1 Richard Kellet, 2 Ben Andrews, 3 Elizabeth Bertenshaw
Class 3: Any other bulbs (not daffodils) in a pot: 1 Richard Kellet, 2 Ray Pearson, 3 Hilary Hine
Class 4: 3 standard daffodils (cut stems in a vase): 1 Bob Sutcliffe, 2 Elizabeth Bertenshaw, 3 Maureen Stuart
Class 5: 3 miniature daffodils (cut stems in a vase) 1 Maureen Stuart, 2 Bob Sutcliffe, 3 David Birtwistle
Class 6: Spring flower arrangement including flowers and foliage (small): 1 June Gornall, 2 Elizabeth Bertenshaw.
Class 7: Spring flower arrangement including flowers and foliage (large): 1 Mary Thornber, 2 Ben Andrews, 3 June Gornall
Class 8: Hellebore cut bloom – one flower head floating in water: 1 Hilary Hine, 2 Janet Sharp, 3 Judith Walmsley.