Focus on the Crocus!!

The Rotary Club of Garstang and Over Wyre

You may have heard of FOCUS ON THE CROCUS – but what’s it about?

Rotarians look to celebrate106 years since its foundation on Rotary Day on 23rd February 2011, in a healthy, fun, community based and environmental friendly way by planting in
everyone.s mind, the opportunity of being part of a historic worldwide campaign, spearheaded by Rotary International, to finally eradicate Polio across the world.

They plan to do this by planting, throughout the UK and Ireland, the Ruby Giant „purple. crocus. Purple reflects the dye dabbed on children.s little „pinkie. finger to indicate they have
been immunised against polio in the few remaining parts of the globe since Rotary International commenced its campaign in 1985.

Working in partnership with The Eden Project, the International Flower Bulb Centre (IBC), the National Trust, Learning Through Landscape and others, over 2000 of the Rotary Clubs in
Britain and Ireland (RIBI) have bought more than 5,000,000 crocuses and plan to engage thousands of volunteers to join in the Big Bulb Plant by planting millions of purple crocus
bulbs in the autumn: With a headline publicity event in Trafalgar Square and the opportunity for all sites around Great Britain and Ireland to break the Guinness World Record on 2nd
October, Focus on the Crocus is building communities, bridging continents.

The Rotary Club of Garstang and Over Wyre last year ran a very successful Purple Pinkie “Thanks for Life” campaign in local primary schools highlighting the need to eradicate polio in
the 4 remaining countries where it is endemic. This year we have bought 5000 of the Ruby Giant crocuses and are donating these to schools and communities around Garstang and
over Wyre for planting in October. Come February next year we should have colourful purple displays across the area as a further reminder of the need to eradicate Polio.

The Ruby Giant „purple. in public places and your local Rotary Club is planting bulbs in Saint Michaels, Inskip and Garstang.

This week an enthusiastic team of local volunteers assisted members of Rotary to plant over one thousand bulbs in Garstang including a major display on the verge outside Sainsburys.

Rotary meets each Wednesday at 7-30 pm at the Pickerings Country House Hotel Catterall.

For further information please contact:

Don Goodier 01995 603720 Public Relations

Roger Mason 01995603447 Event Organizer