Garstang Council backs pedestrian bridge safety plea

Calls for a pedestrian footbridge alongside Garstang’s Moss Lane bridge, over the Lancaster Canal, have been made by local residents.

The amount of traffic using Moss Lane has been increasing in recent years, especially since the opening of the Aldi store.

Unlike Kepple Lane bridge to the south there is no pedestrian bridge alongside the narrow Moss Lane bridge – meaning people walking to or away from the town centre are at risk from both speeding cars as well as large lorries.

The safety problem is even more focused as there isn’t even a pavement on the old Moss Lane road bridge.

Several Moss Lane residents attended the recent annual town meeting to voice their concerns. A suggestion was made that a footbridge next to Moss Lane bridge would vastly improve public safety.

The idea was taken up by the town council which now intends to follow the suggestion up with county highways chiefs later this month.

Garstang mayor Cllr Alan Cornwaite said a traffic survey some years ago had indicated there was insufficient traffic to warrant a footbridge.

He added: “Since then the amount of traffic has increased; particularly since Aldi has opened. The opening of Aldi has also led to an increase in delivery wagons using Moss Lane.

“The amount of traffic on Moss Lane will increase further when the recently approved developments in Nateby, the town centre and the surrounding villages are completed.
“In view of this the town council will be asking the county to provide a footbridge over the canal.”

Among those backing the idea was Coun Sandra Perkins. She said: “About four years ago I was told the statistics suggested there was no need for a footbridge there, but things have changed over the past four years and it is now time to give this a serious look again.

“There’s been a footbridge alongside the canal bridge on Kepple Lane for decades. I feel the time is right for a pedestrian bridge on Moss Lane…there is a lot more traffic on Moss Lane these days, particularly with the opening of Aldi…and there will be more in future.”

Article by Anthony Coppin, Garstang Freelance News Agency.
Image by Google