Garstang Historical Meeting – Roman Roads

Garstang and district residents will be be learning about recent hi-tech archaeological activity in the area at the first meeting of 2016 of Garstang Historical Society.
Highways historian David Ratledge, who has been studying Roman roads in Lancashire for almost 50 years, is now using state of the art technology to help him trace ancient routes which once crossed parts of Lancashire.
His latest discovery is the precise line of a Roman road whose detailed route has been subject of speculation among antiquarians since the 1850s. One suggested route for the road – linking Ribchester to Lancaster – was via the hamlet of Street, near Dolphinholme, a route indicated on the first edition of a local Ordnance Survey map.
But recent research using Lidar remote sensing technology from aircraft (the same technology which famously discovered the lost Cambodian city of Ankor) has shown the Ribchester to Lancaster road took a route via what are now the settlements of Longridge and Inglewhite to Catterall. At Catterall it joined another Roman road (the main Roman road from the south heading to Lancaster).
Site visits have confirmed the reality of the route via Catterall – with several stretches of the road somewhat worse for wear! David commented: “This was to be expected given that the Romans stopped maintaining it over 1,600 years ago.”
David will go into more details about this road and other Roman routes in the Lancashire at Garstang Historical Society’s new year meeting on Wednesday, January 13th at 7.30pm at Garstang United Reformed Church Hall.
* Garstang Historical Society recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The December 2015 meeting marked the occasion with a cake cutting ceremony. The January meeting will see the distribution to members of commemorative badges incorporating depicting one of the area’s oldest buildings, Greenhalgh Castle.
* For more details of David Ratledge’s discoveries visit the historical society’s website –
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