Garstang Soroptimists

8th March is International Women’s Day and soroptimists throughout the North West Region will be marking this week in a variety of ways by highlighting women’s issues.


Your Garstang Soroptimists are holding an Ovarian Cancer Awareness day on Saturday March 10th at Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Garstang. 10.00am. to 2.00pm

What do you know about Ovarian Cancer?

What are the symptoms?

*Persistent pelvic or abdominal pain:

*Increased abdominal size/persistent bloating that comes and goes:

*Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly,


6,500 women a year are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer: Cervical screening test will not help to detect ovarian cancer: Most cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed in women who have gone through the menopause, but younger women can also get ovarian cancer.

Early diagnosis is essential – survival can be up to 70% for women diagnosed with early ovarian cancer in the UK.

Garstang Soroptimists will ‘man’ an information stall offering Target Ovarian Cancer leaflets to shoppers, please stop by and pick up a leaflet, it could make a difference to someone you know.

If you would like to meet us and join us in our Programme Action work in the fight against improving the lives of women I would like to speak to you and invite you to one of our meetings either social (its not all work!) or business.

Muriel Burnham-Airey.

Membership Officer 01995 606604 OR President Leslie 01253 790886