Green fingers and Sprint blooms

Blossoms were bursting out all over at Garstang Gardening Club’s spring flower show.
Scores of spring blooms – daffodils, hyacinths, hellebores and irises – were entered for the show.
The popular event took place at The Crofters Hotel, Cabus, on Monday evening (March 14) immediately after the club’s annual meeting.
Retiring chairman Mr Ray Pearson, who has held the post for 10 years, paid tribute to retiring committee members Mrs Nancy Cowell, Mr Bob Sutcliffe and Mrs June Gornall.
Mr Pearson was thanked for his decade-long service by club president Mr Ben Andrews and vice chairman Mrs Hilary Hine.
The club’s new chairman is Mr Roger Broadbelt, a retired Myerscough College lecturer who has in earlier years served as the gardening club’s secretary and treasurer.
Other officials elected were: vice-chairman, Mrs Hilary Hine; treasurer, Mrs Jennifer Westcott; programme secretary, Miss Ruth Cowell; publicity officer, Mr Anthony Coppin. Committee: Elisabeth Bertenshaw and Ian Budgen. Mrs Ruth Wiseman volunteered for the vacant post of secretary.
Winners in the various categories of the spring show were:
Class 1, three daffodil bulbs provided by the club: 1 Patricia Collins, 2 Mary Curwen, 3 Ben Andrews
Class 2, miniature daffodils in a pot: 1 Patricia Collins, 2 Carol Worthington, 3 Elisabeth Bertenshaw
Class 3, any other bulbs (not daffodils): 1 Richard Kellet, 2 Elisabeth Bertenshaw, 3 Carol Worthington
Class 4, three standard daffodils – cut stems in a vase: 1 Hilary Birtwistle, 2 Richard Kellet, 3 Patricia Collins
Class 5, three miniature daffodils – cut stems in a vase: 1 Richard Kellet, 2 Hilary Birtwistle, 3 Patricia Collins
Class 6, Spring arrangement – flowers and foliage (up to 12 inches): 1 June Gornall, 2 Carol Worthington, 3 Hilary Hine
Class 7, Spring arrangement – flowers and foliage (12 to 24 inches): 1 Mary Thornber, 2 Elisabeth Bertenshaw
Class 8, Hellebore bloom floating in water: 1 June Gornall, 2 Hilary Hine, 3 Janet Sharp
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