New Facebook Page for Garstang

New Facebook Group for Garstang

Garstang has a new Facebook group for people to wax lyrical about what makes the town and surrounding villages so special.

Garstang Voice has initially been set up and administered by Wyre Council, but it is intended very much as a community platform for people and businesses to share good news, information, pictures and more.

The tone will be kept as positive as possible and the council will also actively promote the group to visitors as part of its tourism activities.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: “There are already established groups and pages on social media for our other towns, but there was a noticeable gap around Garstang.

“We felt this was a shame, especially as there are so many great things happening on this side of the borough.

“From a council point of view, it’s yet another way for us to listen to our communities and find out what’s important to them so they can help shape services.

“And for the people that live there, it’s a chance to show others why they should think about paying a visit.

“If this pilot is well received, there’s no reason why we can’t do a similar thing in other parts of the borough.”

Lynn Harter, Garstang resident and content manager of the popular website, is already a supporter and has been recruiting members since the group went live.

She added: “This is a great page to be able to extol the virtues of Garstang and its many facilities. A platform to inform people of forthcoming community/business events and festivals, plus it offers an ideal opportunity to post pictures of the town and its lovely surrounding area.

“I do hope people will feel free to use it.”

Joining the group is easy – just search Garstang Voice on Facebook.

For further information please contact:
Nikki Wilcock, Communications Manager

Tel: 01253 887527