Sainsbury’s Supporting the Local Community

Sainsburys Garstang gets it in the bag and support their local community.

Sainsburys Garstang has presented its local Kepple Trust Park Trust with a community grant for £500.00

This will help support towards the cost of play equipment and a sensory garden.

The Sainsburys Community Grant scheme, helping charitable groups in the local community, is funded by sales of “Bags for life”. So for customers at Garstang buying a bag for life. Means thay are not only doing great things for the environment, but are also making a contribution to the local community.

The store manager, Stuart Butters said, Our store is at the heart of the local community and it is important that we can do as much as possible to support it, When we heard about the Kepple Trust Park Trust we were really happy to help out.

Last year alone the Community Grants scheme provided £159.000 worth of donations, nominated by store managers and colleagues from stores nation wide.