Statement from Keyworker Homes

Statement from Keyworker Homes

Garstang Business Centre Redevelopment Proposals Feb 2016

Keyworker Homes (KWH) announce the imminent release of the latest proposals for the Redevelopment of the Garstang Business Centre.

After consultation with the Public and all Stakeholder Bodies concerned, KWH and their Design Team are to submit revised proposals for planning approval within the coming months.
The new Scheme see the removal of the Apartment Block and the retention of the Façade and Gable elevations of the Locally Listed Business Centre original building. The new Scheme centres on the existing footprint and sees the retention of both the Memorial and Millennium Gardens. Proposed heights are no greater than the current existing building.
KWH have listened to the Public and Town Council concerns and worked closely with Wyre Council to make sure the community views were respected.

The new Scheme provides:

1. Retention of the Locally Listed façade on Victoria Terrace
2. Addition of Community Office and Function Room
3. Addition of 10,000 sq ft Retail and Non-Retail Space
4. Addition of 16 Apartments Over Retail
5. Retention of Majority Council Controlled Parking
6. Retention of Public Toilets
7. Retention of Millennium Gardens
8. Retention of Memorial Gardens
9. Introduction of Tree Avenue Access to Open Space
10. Introduction of Public Realm improvements

We hope that the benefits of the New Proposals, when published, will find support with all Stakeholders and members of the Public. KWH feel strongly that, if approved, the Scheme will be an asset to Garstang Town Centre for Businesses, Residents and Visitors alike.

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