The Millennium Green Team Have Done It!

Today the Millennium Green Team received news that we have got a total grant of £80,000 made up of £30,000 from the Lancashire Environment Fund and £50,000 from the Lottery. This together with the work in kind will create a nearly £100,000 project.

The Garstang Millennium Green Improvement Project

Ron Freeland Chair of the Management Team thanked everyone who over the last 3 or 4 years have helped us get into the position to apply successfully.

‘Really it is the whole community that has supported us. C&C Supplies, Garstang Lions, Barton Grange, Wyre Borough Strategic Partnership, LCC Green Partnership, all the Friends of the Green, Garstang Courier, the local schools and many more. Above all the hard work of the volunteers, the Management Team and the Trustees has been rewarded.This for resurfacing paths, new tapping board/ fence drainage, moving path away from eroded banks, re-inforced outer path, fencing etc. all in line with the consultation exercise we held with the community.

We know we still need the money for the middle field but we have ideas and plans. We also still need the support of the Friends of the Green as non of this money helps with the day to day maintenance costs. We have begun getting the tender documents together today and hope to start work in Spring 2011 and we will make sure that we get great value for money completing as much work as possible.’

Lady Dulcie Atkins the Chair of the Trustees commented.

“I am delighted as this will ensure that the Millennium Green is used even more and that pathways will be safe when the Green is flooded. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to achieve this superb result.”