Working together to your visit to Garstang Memorable

A new brand was launched today in Garstang – “Independent Garstang Traders” IGT

The new Logo will soon be seen in IGT member’s shop windows and business premises. For the shopper it means you can help to keep Garstang uniquely independent by supporting our individual traders. Whenever you see the “G” – you will know that this group are striving to bring you a unique experience of Garstang and will offer you first class goods and service.

For the visitor:
As well as being able to visit all our independent shops, newly revamped leaflets have also been launched, and are available in the Visit Garstang Centre in Cherestanc Square. A Heritage Trail allows you to follow blue plaques around the town – the leaflet gives a potted history about the heritage buildings you see. A Heritage Pub Trail offers a similar walk, but with fascinating tales to tell about the myriad of pubs in Garstang past and present. A new Garstang flyer is also available. Telephone 01995 602125 or email for further details.

For local businesses:
If you are not yet a member of Garstang Independent Traders (Chamber of Trade) – you may well want to consider the value of joining?
A full page on plus your advert on a regular roll on the front (news) page. Meetings are not too onerous – 4 times a year – but with the value of swapping ideas and moving forward as an individual business, but with a collective goal – to keep the town thriving. You will be able to promote your events or special offers via the IGT Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will also get a sticker to place in your shop – the logo – which has already had a wide airing on social networking sites. People will trust and recognise your business as being an integral part of Garstang…and the word will continue to spread!

All you have to do is JOIN NOW! The form is attached and you can complete it and return it to the supplied address…or pop into see Jill and Lynne at Iced of Garstang (High St) and they will give you more details.

KEEP INDEPENDENT – but join with us for a louder and more far reaching voice!