Young Citizen of the Year Awards

Every year at Garstang Youth Mayor Making ceremony, we announce the winners of the Garstang “Young Citizen of the Year” awards.

The Junior Trophy (for ages 4 – 11) has been donated by, and is presented annually by Damian Carr of Carrs Jewellers, and the senior trophy (ages 12 -18) has been donated and presented by Cllr Lady Dulcie Atkins.

Josh Carter – winner of Garstang Young Citizen of the Year Carrs trophy (junior)
Age 11 – goes to St Thomas’ school.

Cllr Lynn Harter, Founder of Garstang Youth Council and these awards said:

“Josh works tirelessly fundraising although he has to tackle severe medical problems himself read about his efforts here:

Most of Josh’s fundraising has been for Rainbow House, where his brother goes every week, and now for this op for his brother they need £25,000, £16k for the op and the rest for support in recovery. The operation is not offered on the National Health Service.
I was really touched to see him collect his award.”

Nathan Halford winner of Garstang Young Citizen of the Year Atkins trophy (senior)
is 14 Years old attends Ripley St Thomas C of E School, Lancaster and is a member of Garstang Youth Council.

“Nathan has done so much for his school, community, and family that it is impossible to list all that he is involved with. I have known him for many years now, and he is a truly valued member of our youth council. This is a very well deserved award for this very dignified young man.”

Team Shazzann – winners of the youth council’s own award for “Citizen(s) of the Year”

“What a great team of fundraisers, and they were taken totally by surprise at being given this award by our youth councillors, who managed to get two of them to attend the evening on false pretences!”